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Custom Tattoos

At Top Shelf Tattoo Gallery, our forte is custom tattoos. If you just want a simple design, no problem! We can definitely handle simple designs and small tattoos, but our artists truly shine when it comes to bringing the right tattoo out of you. We'll sit down, talk to you and figure out exactly Custom Tattoos in Manchester NH what you want. Even if you have no artistic ability, we'll help you get the ideas out of your head and onto your skin. We firmly believe that this is what makes Top Shelf Tattoo Gallery your best bet when you're looking for a tattoo shop in Manchester, NH where custom tattoos are the standard

We've said it before, but don't mind repeating it. Our goal is to put out the best tattoos this city has ever seen. Tattoos you'll be proud of, and tattoos that represent our shop as Manchester's best colection of tattoo artists under one roof. For a general idea on how the custom tattoo process works in our shop, read below. For a more in depth overview, check out our main tattoo section and our FAQ

  • Shop minimum for tattoos in common areas is $50
  • Tattoos done on hands, feet, face, and neck are done at the discretion of the artist and require a shop minimum of $100
  • We offer complimentary touch ups for your tattoo (after it has healed) for a year. After a year, we charge our standard rate for touch-ups.
  • If you wish to change your tattoo in some way, there may or may not be a small fee
  • The typical tattoo process will involve visiting with your artist, coming up with a design, and scheduling an appointment for the actual tattoo
  • Depending on the complexity of your tattoo, plan to be in the chair for at least a couple hours
  • We cannot tattoo you without a valid form of ID

Custom Tattoo Designs

Whether your custom tattoo is simple or complex, the care given to the process is the same. Our artists will explain everything to you, open everything in front of you, and do everything to make the process as easy as possible. To learn more about our gallery, our artists, and our policies - give us a call today, or stop in for a visit.

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