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If you don't feel like you're getting pierced in a clean, safe, and strile environment, our laid back atmosphere and large selection of rings, studs, and guages don't matter. If our piercing studio isn't clean enough to eat in, we've failed. That's why cleanliness and sanitation are our first priority when it comes to getting your piercing at Top Shelf Tattoo Gallery.

No matter what you're coming in to get pierced, we believe that comfort begins with cleanliness. You should never have to worry about the cleanliness of our equipment. Our rigorous approach to regularly sanitizing our piercing studio and equipment is the first step in ensuring every client is comfortable when they come in for a piercing.

Following cleanliness, we make sure to carry an extensive selection of rings, gauges, and studs to suit all of your piercings. The type of piercings we perform range from simple one-off piercings to more complex "project" piercings. Some of the most common piercings we work with include:

  • Ear piercings
  • Nose piercings
  • Lip piercings
  • Tongue piercings
  • Nipple piercings
  • Dermal piercings
  • Genital piercings
  • Specialty piercings
  • And more...

Piercing Parlor in NH

Our goal is to make sure your piercing experience is a good one, from the minute you come into the shop all the way up until your piercing is fully healed. We do everything we can to achieve that goal. To learn more about piercing at Top Shelf Tattoo Gallery or to check out our piercing studio, click here, call us at 603-232-2231, or simply drop in for a visit. You can find us on the top floor at 657 Elm St. Manchester, NH 03013.

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