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Tattoo Designers

Top Shelf Tattoo Gallery provides expert tattooing by 5 talented tattoo artists with a broad range of styles and inspirations.

Each of our artists works in a clean, private, and sterile booth. Everyone uses same sterilization precautions.

All of the needles used at Top Shelf Tattoo are single-use, and all sterilization done in the gallery is done with advanced equipment that's frequently tested to ensure they are properly working to keep our tattooing space as clean as possible.

We are almost always available for walk-in appointments. However, if you want to discuss your tattoo design with an artist or need something drawn up, pay us a visit at the gallery to make an appointment. With years of experience tattooing in a number of styles, one of our greatest strengths is talking to our clients and helping them come up with the perfect concept for a tattoo. To check out some of our artists' work, click below to see their gallery.

New Hampshire Tattoo Artists

While we might be biased, we don't know of a better collection of New Hampshire tattoo artists when it comes to sheer experience and diversity of talent and style. If you're interested in a custom tattoo, our tattoo designers are more than happy to work with you. Whether you know precisely what you want or have a vague idea of a direction you want to go in, when you come in to Top Shelf Tattoo you can rest assured knowing that you'll leave with a tattoo design that tells your story like nothing else. Whether you're a fan of vibrant colors or detailed and intricate line work, we can help you out. Contact us today to set up an appointment and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with what's going down at the gallery.

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