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You're not interested in a tattoo or a piercing because you want to look like everyone else. So why would we make our shop a cookie-cutter tattoo shop? Getting a tatto or piercing is one of the best ways to tell your story or express yourself. When it comes to art, we can't think of a better medium than skin. With that in mind, we think you'll appreciate our goal: to offer you the friendly, clean, and helpful tattooing you're looking for in an atmosphere you'll want to hang out in.

Our team: New Hampshire's Finest Tattoo Artists and Piercers

We've brought together our gallery space to be much more than just a "Tattoo parlor" or "piercing studio". Sure, you can drop in and get a tattoo or a piercing any day you want. We do walk-ins, and we aim to make your experience as positive, convenient, and as fun as possible. On the other hand, when we founded Top Shelf Tattoo our goal was to create a space that really put a spotlight on creativity.
Bottome line: It's all about custom tattoos, done right -- with patience, care, and talent. If you're looking for a more detailed or complicated tattoo, one of our artists would be happy to work with you to come up with the right design. Visit our gallery page to take a look at our work.

Manchester's Best Tattoo and Piercing Studio: How Getting your Tattoo Or Piercing at Top Shelf is Different

We won't just put anything in or on your skin. Whether you show off your tattoo or piercing to a friend or a random person on the street, it represents our collective talent and professionalism. It represents Top Shelf Tattoo Gallery. So no matter how small or large your tattoo, every ounce of our creativity and experience goes into it so you'll be proud of what you get. And honestly, we want you to come back! Part of that means creating the best possible space for getting your tattoo or piercing, that means fully certified artists and piercers, and equipment that meets every guideline for sanitation and safety

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